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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 22:14
Daniel Andreasson Vpc-Work wrote:
DA> I have an Ygybe vocab question concerning
DA> new technology. (I'm trying to make this
DA> thread more on-topic.) I just bought a portable
DA> mp3-player yesterday, and was wondering what
DA> that would be called in Ygybe. It would
DA> be cool to call it my "ylybyjobygylybe" or something.

DA> How about ydazicuza? (noun small mobile technology
DA> container) But I'm missing a word for "sound" or
DA> "audible". A small mobile technology container could
DA> be LOADS of things. Perhaps a word for "compressed
DA> music" should be in there somewhere as well.

I call my language Ygyde = "simple language."
The best root word is "ju" from the adjective
table. It means "loud." The same syllable (ju)
taken from the noun table means "road." The first
letter of the compound word explains what part
of the speech it is and which table is the root
word taken from. Although this system (described
in the prefix table) seems complex, it is necessary
to double the number of root words. Your name
(ydazicuza) is 9 letters long. Such long words are
not mentioned in the prefix table, so nobody knows
if the root words are taken from the adjective
table or from the noun table. I suggest:

ydajume = "noun small loud recorder"
ojumume = "noun loud chip recorder"

"Chip" means electronic circuit. Letter "j" is pronounced
as "Job" and letter "e" is pronounced as "bEd."
The syllable preceding the last syllable is stressed
(stressed antepenultima). I prefer the last definition.

Word "compressed" is not a root word. The closest root
words are: massive, pump, force, manipulation/processing.

It is theoretically possible to make 9 letters
long compound words if we make a rule explaining
how to build such long words.

DA> In a conlangy, word-creating way, Ygyde is kinda
DA> fun to use to put together words. I'm not encouraging
DA> him/you to talk auxlang politicks and all that crappy
DA> and right out wrong opinions you have on language.

Yes, making compound Ygyde words is fun, and a sort of
art as well. You have to understand the idea you are
defining and make a definition that sounds distinct
from other definitions. I do not believe that Ygyde
needs more root words. If we add more root words, they
will be used as stand alone words, rather than roots
in compound words.

By the way, I have never mentioned auxlang politicks
and have no interest in any kind of politicks.


H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>