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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:James Landau <neurotico@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 22:14
In a message dated 1/20/2003 6:24:57 AM Pacific Standard Time,
andrew@MEDIANET.PL writes:

> Of all the languages that > I know Ygyde is the most promising because it does not > have a complicated taxonomy and it is perfectly suited > for coining new compound words. At present Ygyde's > names of vegetables are very similar: > vegetable = obiby = "noun anatomical part of a multicellular plant food" > carrot = odibiby = "noun long anatomical... food" > cauliflower = ocibiby = "noun sexual anatomical... food" > corn = otybiby = "noun high anatomical... food" > garlic = olubiby = "noun smelly anatomical... food" > lettuce = okubiby = "noun lightweight anatomical... food" > onion = ojibiby = "noun optical anatomical... food" > parsley = olibiby = "noun medical anatomical... food" > potato = opebiby = "noun warm anatomical... food"
I can tell that onion uses "optical" because it has to do with the tear ducts, and the carrot would probably be the best vegetable for "long" because its body isn't much more than a long stick, or that the cauliflower is "sexual" because it consists of flowers, or that corn grows as "high" as an elephant's eye, but how did you get "warm" for potato? If I heard a compound word "warm vegetable", I never would be able to have guessed what vegetable it was. And "lightweight" for lettuce? Or are you just referring to the very light nutritional value of iceberg?


Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>