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Re: CHAT: 10-year anniversary (was Re: CHAT: Re: More enter-bringings)

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 8, 2000, 15:30
On 8 Mar 00, at 8:17, Paul Bennett wrote:

> On 7 Mar 00, at 17:42, Robert Hailman wrote: > > > Christophe Grandsire wrote: > > > Does anyone know the exact > > > aniversary date of the list? > > > > How far back do the archives go? If we can find the first post to this > > list, that's close enough to an anniversary date? > > >
> Tal was the first to point out that the anniversary is > approaching, perhaps he has some clearer idea than 'some time soon'?
I've just stumbled upon a message from the very same, pointing out an archive covering the list between '91 and '94, at: The earliest known conlang posting (and it seems to be pretty darned soon after the list was founded) is now as follows:
> To: > Subject: Dhamiathua paternoster > Date: Thu, 25 Jul 91 17:26:41 +0100 > From: And Rosta <ucleaar@...>
[snip] The Gauntlet is hereby thrown down for anyone who can come up with a more accurate date than this... --- Pb