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Re: Concosmic Conlocation (was; Re; Back!)

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Monday, July 19, 1999, 22:09
>On Sun, 18 Jul 1999 23:56:38 -0600 Adam Parrish <myth@...> writes: > > I'm curious as to how other conlangers have solved the problem > >of cosmic location, since it does seem to be rather vital to an > >important part of a language's vocabulary. It seems to me that most > >of > >us have languages set in an Earth with a different social history > >(extreme: Tokana, where civilization never took place; less extreme: > >Brithenig, where history diverged hundreds of years ago; even less > >extreme: Elet Anta and Teonaht, which make no modification to history > >except to suggest the presence of secretive subcultures). An almost > >equal proportion have chosen to locate their creations on distant > >planets (the Kolagian languages, many of Nik Taylor's creations, and > >the > >ubiquitous Star Trek languages). I'm not satisfied with either of > >these > >options. Have I missed anything? Is there a middle ground? > > >Whee, I've rambled long enough, > >Adam >
On related note (because I personnally don't know where this middle ground may lie), how do you (pl.) justify having humans on another planet speaking your conlang? I, too, have been unsatisfied with these options; the best seems a distant planet, but I don't like outrageously violating the human "innate grammar" / "universal grammar" / "typological universals" or whatever you want to call it, and separate evolution of human stock seems farfetched. I recall that the Yisians, who lived on the distant world Okainai, orbiting a star whose name I forget, were mostly human-looking, but they were descended from kidnapped early humans who had been the victims of genetic experimentation by a more advanced race. Lame, I know. It's the "poor man's science fiction" approach. Sigh. I know someone out there has come up with something better... Jennifer _______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit