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Re: A more challenging poetry translation challenge

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 6:28
> >She by the river sat, and sitting there, > >She wept, and made it deeper by a tear. >
Kash: riyan ri vori yakuka ri vorani, leñaña, i vorini çunuro yam mesa leñani ['rijandri'Bori ja'kuka "riBo'rani le'JaJajBo'riniSu'nuro jam'besale'Jani] riyan ri vori ya-kuka ri vora-ni there LOC river 3s-sit LOC side-its leñaña i vori-ni çu-nuro yam mesa leña-ni weep and river-def INCH-deep with one tear-her Sort of: There at a river she sat beside it, weeping, and the river became deep(er) "with" one tear. Well it mostly scans, and rhymes (though badly by Kash standards), and we got round the "by" problems....(use of comitative yam 'with' is probably idiomatic :-))) Possible alternate: riyun 'there (yonder, far)' instead of riyan 'there (near)'. In other Kash postings, I've often forgotten to indicate that "v" is [B]