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Kioshu Conlang Compliments!

From:Jeff Goguen <princetaliesin@...>
Date:Thursday, January 31, 2002, 6:51
>>I had a look to Kioshu. First of all I have to tell you that I am in love >>with the japanese language, thus sounding rather alike, a like your >>phonologic system quite much. Talking about anexes, i like the Idea, but I >>would rather have used postpositional that prepositional ones, since you >>use a SOV system, and I think it is more easy to understand (and more >>usual) to have postposition together with SOV. >>But I must admit I love your system of shortened adjective form, I was >>thinking of using something similar for my future conlang, and the way you >>do it seems interesting to me.
Thank you for your encouragement! I love hearing good things from knowledgeable people. I was not very familiar with linguistics when I began Kioshu (and I'm not much more familiar with it today than I was then), but I think that what I've come up with is impressive for a first try. I'm working on a lexicon right now and I'm sure once I have a fairly extensive vocabulary I'll be able to work the kinks out of Kioshu. Now, as for annexes, and this is where my lack of knowledge comes into play, how would postpositional work as opposed to prepositional in Kioshu? In any language for that matter, for, you see, I think I'm misunderstanding the meaning...or perhaps not understanding at all. Please explain, if you would, prepositional and postpositional and possibly give examples? If I do end up understanding I may see what you mean. This is how I've developed Kioshu over the years. I've noticed some rule in English or some other language and asked myself..."How would that work in Kioshu?" Thus, I have to figure out a new way to say something in my lang! Thank you very much! Jeff


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