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Re: Trans: Shoeflower Nose Man

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Monday, October 22, 2001, 17:19
> "if I see the man who walked on my flowers, I'm gonna make him eat > his dirty shoes through his nose!" :))
Hmm...*thinks* I can almost do this with Silindion, i just lack words for dirty, shoes, and nose. :( This is what it is at the moment (with tentative words for the ones i'm not sure of yet) Yansë tilisi i-nan të yuhwaskë emë noláñavihya, tamë ilpessesïo hyaldi rontóissinya ono nunornanya. /`janse tI`li:s.i i`na:n te ju`Waske`Eme no`lanjavIhja `tame IlpE` `hjaldi ron`tojsInja `ono nu`nornanja/ I don't really like interlinears, so i'm going to explain each word. yanse "if" (kind of easy, and I know that it's related to the root YAT 'to become' in some way, but I don't have my notes here with me) tilisi "I see" TIL-i-si "see-subj/pres-1sts" i-nan "the man" i-NA-n "def.-man-acc." te "the one" (a necessary part of the relative pronoun) yuhwaske "who walked" yo-a-faska-i "rel-past-WALK-past" eme "on" nolanyavihya "on my flowers" FLOWERS-plural-loc-1stsposs. (the nom. s. is nolna 'flower') tame "then" ilpessesio "I (will) make him eat" il-pess-e-si-o caus.-EAT-fut/pres.-1sts-him (il- the causative prefix is a derivational not an inflectional morpheme. Almost all inflectional morphemes are suffixes) hyaldi "dirty" rontoissinya "his shoes" rontoisse-i-n-nya SHOE-plural-acc-3rds.poss. (another plural of this word is rontoisse) ono "through" nunornanya "his nose" The accusative singular of nuro "nose"


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