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Re: Tirelat's newly found activeness

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Friday, February 11, 2000, 20:57
Herman Miller wrote:

> Daniel: > > Yes, partly that. Dixon writes that the unmarked case is most likely > > the leftmost in a clause. The question is which case is the unmarked in > > an active lang.
> I thought the agent tended to be first even in ergative languages.
I don't know actually. That's what he wrote. But you have a point. Maybe he just means the S-function of intransitive verbs.
> In any case, both cases in Tirelat are marked.
Really? Why? (Ok, stupid question in the conlang world, but apart from that you wanted to... :)
> Everything in Tirelat syntax is either a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or > a grammatical particle that marks the function of words and holds phrases > together. So a relative clause, for instance, is formally a prepositional > phrase that functions as an adjective.
That's neat. So, do the particles also make prepositional phrases or how do you handle those? Do you use a particle that might be seen as a preposition that makes up an adverbial phrase?
> Tirelat specifically has a > conjunction "te" that joins two verbs. Complementation isn't something that > I've dealt with yet, mainly because I've been avoiding it so far.
He, he... Me too.
> > I'm not sure why U+U wouldn't be treated the same way as A+A with > > such a rule.
> Me neither. "Fell and died he" sounds fine to me. But "He came and died" > can only mean "he came and killed" (!) in Tirelat (agent of death = > killer).
Yes, just like Rinya. That's what I like the most about this kind of case-marking.
> Well, in this case "I jumped and you saw" seems fine, although I think it > really ends up meaning "I jumped and you saw [my act of jumping]". To make > it more explicit, I'd rather just add "me" than using the "DIFF" > construction.
Well, yes. But if you *really, really* wanted a suffix, what would you do then... ;) (ok, now I'm just being silly). Daniel