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Re: CHAT: Hello

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Thursday, April 26, 2001, 22:04
On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, David Peterson wrote:

> In a message dated 4/25/01 11:57:22 PM, exponent@TECHNOLOGIST.COM writes: > > << Welcome! Many of us seem to have been inspired in some way by running into > > the linguistic works of Tolkien. I have had many defunct projects in my time > > as a conlanger and am still in the process of making a workable conlang that > > I can use (it's taking longer than I thought). >> > > I'm think I may be the only one who wasn't influenced by Tolkien. I
I've never read them, though I have the ring cycle or whatever it's called (3 books...sorry about the Wagner reference...) in Hungarian (it was translated by the former President of Hungary), still shrinkwrapped after about 6 years... -------ferko Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Suurt chugunikka peene ahjo suhe et toukka. Virtual Votia - Vaddjamaa Internetaza: railways page: 25kV 50Hz: