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Re: German and English (was Re: Losing languages ...)

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 24, 2003, 23:56
This is my understanding:

 Proto-Germanic   German     Old-English  English
      aw            aw           e:@          i:

     *strawm-     /Strawm/     /stre:@m/    /stri:m/

      a:            aj            a:         o:

     *sta:n-       /Stajn/     /sta:n/       /sto:n/

      u:            /aw/         /u:/        /aw/

     *mu:s          /maws/       /mu:s/      /maws/

Elliott Lash

--- Roger Mills <romilly@...> wrote:
> Rob Haden wrote: > > > > Here's a question: > > > > Does anyone know what's behind the vowel > differences between German and > > English cognates? For example, German "Beide" vs. > English "both," "ueber" > > vs. "over," etc.? I saw these words in Estel > Telcontar's message and they > > inspired me to ask this question. > > > It's due to "Great Vowel Shifts" in both Engl. and > German. There's probably > a table of it somewhere; I suspect it's all rather > irregular. > > Offhand, _beide-both_ looks similar to _Stein-stone_ > which IIRC comes from > Germanic *[long a]. > > I do know that Gmc *[long u] diphthongized > aw in > both: Haus-house, > Maus-mouse et al., but then there's the peculiar > correspondence in-- > Germ. Straum - Du. stroom - Eng. stream > Traum - droom - dream > Baum - boom - beam etc. > and I don't recall what that reflects. As you can > see, the Germ. GVS was > different from the Engl. GVS.
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