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Re: "Bird in Tree" translation (was: Re: milimpulaktasin)

From:Rik Roots <rikroots@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 24, 2001, 18:34
> daniel andreasson wrote: > > > > Hey. > > > > Here is a small translation of a dialogue into Nakiltipkaspimak. > > This translation exercise was done on Conlangs_in_use a while > > ago. The fun part is that I've recorded it as a Real Audio-file > > and put it on my website as an example of how Pimak sounds. The > > address is: > > > > <snip> >
In Gevey: Zlofak ye rhab-nise. Te kiy gluefe. Ïscuu kivel rhaben thoele-stoene âl-tinte pole. Soeve te shashos ke ë zhasti-stone Zlofak ye rhab-nise. zlofan - look (action, imperative design) rhabe, ye rhab - tree (object, direct) nis - small (adjective) Look at the small tree Te kiy gluefe. gluefan - see (action, transitive) te - I (object, [personal pronoun] subject) kiy - it (object, [personal pronoun] direct) I see it Ïscuu kivel rhaben thoele-stoene âl-tinte pole. polen - stand (action, spatial) thoele, ye thoel - bird (object, subject) kivluu, yuu kivel - top, roof (object, direct) rhabe, ye rhab - tree (secondary object, posessive) stoen - beautiful (adjective) tint - red (adjective) ïst - within (preposition, spatial: ïst+yuu=ïscuu) âl - and (inclusive coordinating conjunction, listing) A beautiful red bird sits at the top of the tree Soeve te shashos ke ë zhasti-stoene soevan - think (action, transitive) ën - is (equative action) te - I (object, [personal pronoun] subject) ke - it (object, [personal pronoun] subject) stoen - beautiful (adjective) shashos - that yes (dependent conjunction, presenting an affirmation) zhani - [no translation] (superlative universal pronoun, direct) Yes, I think it is beautiful Rik -- The Gevey Language Resource.