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mu for [N] (was: Koryak Vowel harmony)

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, January 20, 2005, 21:16

Henrik Theiling wrote:

> Isaac Penzev writes: > > ... µ for [N] - translit is mine) ... > > Would that generally be understood?
I think no. I used µ as a simulation of eng character. The only reason for this is that I find ñ used sometimes for this purpose extremely misleading, as I'm accustomed to see it in Spanish for [J].
> I like it. > mu seems nice. > Maybe I'll steal that, especially becaus it's included in iso-8859-1 > and -15.
I liked it too even though it was invented just on spot. I'm going to use it in Latin translit of my recently conceived project, provisionally labelled as CLP41. µ resembles eng very much, and is included in most Latin encodings at the same code point AFAIK.
> 'm', which I don't need, is weird for /N/ or /N\/.
Indeed that would be too weird... -- Yitzik


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