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Re: Father/Motherland (a correction)

From:Vasiliy Chernov <bc_@...>
Date:Friday, June 2, 2000, 12:12
On Fri, 2 Jun 2000 00:30:37 +0200, P. M. ARKTAYG <pmva@...> wrote:

>There is also a (solemn rather) word _macierz_, related to _mac'_,
>Besides, metaphorical _rodzicielka_, _matka_.
- All meaning 'motherland', irrespective of the context? I thought these words had other, more common meanings... Oh, I'll have to take my Polish dictionary everywhere with me, from now on ;)
>> So I'm finally confused about Polish as a 'motherland' language... > >Why? Polish is my mothertongue and I'm not confused.
- Did you read the initial thread (Father/Motherland, May 2000, week 4)? My confusion was about classifying Russian and Polish as 'motherland' languages, as opposed to e. g. German with its _Vaterland_. I noted that Russian in fact has no word which would litterally translate to 'motherland', but does have two words with similar meaning derived from 'father'. It seems that in Polish, too, the most common word for 'homeland' is derived from _ojciec_ 'father'. (Sorry for the typo again - I think you've heard this type of Russian accent :) ) So, having not read the book by Wierzbicka, I still wonder what was her reasoning like. (Yes, I'm aware of the typical cultural associations, and yet...)
>-- >P. M. ARKTAYG >"Ceterum censeo elfos extinguendos esse" > - Melkor Maximus
- Czes'c', Basilius P.S. Hmm... Arktayg... Don't you have any of S. Lehm's characters among your relatives? ;)