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Re: French

From:Erbrice <erbrice@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 23:05
could you explain "out in the cold" ?

Le 20 janv. 09 à 19:55, Michael Poxon a écrit :

> Surely the problems are many - if someone posted in Swahili, most > of the group would have no idea what the post was about, and surely > that defeats the whole purpose of a discussion group. If most of us > don't understand something, how can we discuss it? The clue's in > the word! :-) > There's also the problem of elitism - it may be just intuition, but > I suspect that some people have felt "out in the cold" with the > French thread since their French wasn't up to it. > Mike > > Except from a moderation standpoint, I don't see what the problems > might be. So someone posts in Swahili, and there happen to be only > a few other speakers of Swahili on the list, so? I can understand > why a moderator might be concerned that the poster is saying > inappropriate things with nobody to keep them honest. Other users, > though, so what? Why do each one of us have to understand every > post on the list? The French started, after all, when one poster > decided that he had to understand another poster's post, that it > wasn't enough to think, "Hmmm, I have trouble understanding this > person's English, I'll move to the next post." > > Speaking of which, does this list have active moderators? If so, > I'd reckon the "approved language list" would be whatever they can > understand, and otherwise democracy would tend to cause English to > dominate posts. After all, it's counterproductive for someone who > wants input on a subject to discuss the subject in a language only > a subset of the audience understands, when they could instead > discuss it in a language everyone ostensibly understands. > > -- Paul


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