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Re: Disambiguating polysemy (was: "triggers et al" as I presently understand them)

From:Kristopher Kowal <cowbertvonmoo@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 23, 2004, 1:21
Emaelivpishe Arthaey Angosii:
> Emaelivpishe Cowbert von Moo:
> > * somewhere > > * somehow > > (so far so good, then...) > > * somewho (instead someone) > > * somewhat (instead of something) > > * somewhen (instead of sometime)
> Also, perhaps: > * somewhy (instead of some reason) > * somewhich > * somewhether > * somewhose (instead of someone's) > * somewhom
Beautimus. Maybe even: * somewhile
> Not so sure what some of those ones might be "translated" or used > as... Especially "somewhether."
"in some case". I would use this one quite liberally: Somewhere, the weather depends on somewhether. Somewhethers it rains. Otherwhethers it snows. Anywhether we have fun. (much more succinct than sometimes). Eitherwhether we bring somewhich (boats or toboggans) along. I'll see you again somewhen. Somewhens I'm diurnal, other nocturnal. While this is 'cute' for English, I would hope that conlangs in general opt to use an affix on a noun instead of creating a bunch (and inevitably incomplete set) of (some|any)wh* words. We see this inconsistently in English: sometimes, anyway, someone, somebody. Happy conning lang, Kris.