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Re: Vya:a:h

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Sunday, June 17, 2001, 0:26
En réponse à SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>:

> > 2) More on Vya:a:h - First off, visas are not required > for Vaa:vy'yy as Christophe (jokingly?) inqueried > about. Secondly, again in reply to Christophe, > Vaa:vy'yy may be a distant galaxy from ours but the > inhabitants are human beings (though they can be > considered truly "enlightened" ones who manage to > never war or even really deviate to criminal > behavior). >
Well, I really want to build my house there :) .
> > *Now take a look at this purely Vya:a:hn "phenomenon"! > > > eg. "I speak" ----> Fin. "puhun" - Vyh. "pun" > but in Vyh. it must actually be written as the > following: "puh'yi" > > "you look" ---> Fin. "na:yda:t" - Vyh. "na:d" > but in Vyh. it must actually be written as the > following: "na:y'yu" > > In Vyh. subject pronouns would be "yi, yu, yuu, > yyi, yyu, yyuu" which correspond to "I, you, s/he, > we, you(pl), they" respectively. But these > beautiful sounds, albeit indepedent of each > other by sound length differences, would be > treacherous to distinguish from each other esp. in > rapid speech, etc. So, they are reserved only for > writing Vya:a:h,
Reminds me a little of Tibetan (and to less extent of French) where the writing form reflects only remotely the actual spoken form. But Boudewijn knows more about Tibetan than I do so if you want more info on that ask him :) (BTW, Tibetan is one of the most beautiful script I ever saw. It's even more beautiful than the script it's derived of: Devanagari). [snip] Extremely interesting writing system. Where did you get the idea of those "harmony" superscripts? From your own mind, or where you influenced by some natlang around? Christophe.


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