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Re: Translation exercise was Re: What _Le Monde_ thinks of conlanging

From:Matthew Butt <m.butt@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 12:16
This absolute futility is not without charm
sucalres rhaptelrat Rap Suc lhalb

Car: do, use
calr: useful
sucalr: lack of use, futility
-es: demonstrative: this

rap: point of entry
ter: point of exit
rapter: transience, going through
raptelr(at): [used as adverb to mean] thoroughly, out-and-out, utterly

Rap: enter, [idiomatically, usually tenseless] not-at-the-moment, not
( the idea here is that if you are going into a place you're not
actually in it at that point. the same principle applies to Ter: leave;
currently, but by no means necessarily. )

Suc: be outside, without, apart from, [idiomatically, usually tenseless]
not now nor ever, necessarily not
( cf Gil: be inside, on, together, with; always )

lab: smile
Lab: to smile
lalb: quality of making you smile, charm

longer version when i have time !

-----Original Message-----
        ObConlang: how does your conlang(s) translate "This absolute
futility is not without charm"? Or, if you want to go for the longer
version, "All this doesn't have, strictly speaking, any purpose, but
this absolute futility is not without charm."