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Re: I have an opinion!

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Monday, April 2, 2001, 21:30
> I must admit, I really, really, really, really, really, really HATE >the >shortening of words and phrases, e.g.: conlang, auxlang, AFAIK, etc. It >drives me crazy. If you'll notice, I've never used any such shortenings >in >any of my e-mails. But it's not just confined to this list. I hate it >when >people say cogsci when the mean cognitive science; see ess when they mean >computer science; polisci when they mean political science; bio when they >mean biology; addy when they mean address; peep when they mean people, >etc., >etc. It drives me nuts. I like the words as they are. They're happy >words. > They don't like to be chopped in half or diced up or condensed. Anyway, >that is the end of the segment: I HAVE AN OPINION!
Well in fast speech it makes things easier to say. I dont like to say "constructed languages list" when talking to you all i can just say "conlang". Also, at my job, we use A&R when talking amongst eachother because it's too long to say "Admissions and Records". Here's a list of the acronyms we use: SIC - Student Information Center A&R - Admissions and Records SOAR - Student Outreach And Recruitment Fin Aid - Financial Aid WLC - World Languages & Cultures IMIE - International Management and Entreprenuership (sp?) TAT - Teledramatic Arts & Technology CST - Computer Systems & Technologies VPA - Visial and Public Arts WAC - Wellness Activity Center ULR - University Learning Requirment So, it becomes a mouthfull talking about different departments at my school.


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