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Re: NATLANG ruki-rule in Slavic

From:Thomas R. Wier <trwier@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 19, 2003, 1:59
Quoting Joe <joe@...>:

> From: "BP Jonsson" <bpj@...> > > BTW how easy/hard is Bulgarian to read for a Russian? > > The same order as Danish/Swedish I would suspect. > > I'd say more like Danish/German. After all, Bulgarian is a South Slavic > language, and Russian is an East Slavic one(or have I got that wrong?). A > better analogy for the Danish-Swedish-Nowegian triangle would be > Belarusian-Ukrainian-Russian, I think.
I don't know Bulgarian, but I must say I'm surprised if this is so. The Nordic branch of Germanic separated from Western Germanic considerably earlier than the Fall of Rome -- probably around the birth of Christ. I seem to remember reading, in contrast, that the entire Slavic family of IE did not break up until around 800 AD or so. ========================================================================= Thomas Wier "I find it useful to meet my subjects personally, Dept. of Linguistics because our secret police don't get it right University of Chicago half the time." -- octogenarian Sheikh Zayed of 1010 E. 59th Street Abu Dhabi, to a French reporter. Chicago, IL 60637