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Re: Untranslatable words

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, June 25, 2004, 8:26
On Jun 24, 2004, at 8:03 AM, Ray Brown wrote:
> On Wednesday, June 23, 2004, at 05:00 , Peter Bleackley wrote: > [snip] >> The most untranslatable words from other languages > [snip] >> altahmam Arabic for a kind of deep sadness >> gezellig Dutch for cozy >> saudade Portuguese for a certain type of longing > > Welsh: > _hiraeth_ both an expectant longing for what is to come & a nostalgia > for > what is past and gone. > _hwyl_ /hujl/ - mood, atmosphere, emotion etc. What one may experience > listening to a great orator, being in the Millennium Stadium at Cardiff > when Wales are playing, hearing great music etc, etc. > Neither word has a single English equivalent. Indeed, the two words not > infrequently occur in the _English_ of more or less monoglot English > speakers in Wales. > A not uncommon valediction is: pob hwyl /po:b hujl/ - 'pob' = 'every', > 'all'. > Pob hwyl! > Ray
ObConlangification! Rokbeigalmki: _ngiirau_ /n"aj4O/ (/n"/=uvular nasal) A feeling of awe, appreciation, love, fear and respect for that which is Dangerously Powerful - usually a natural phenomena; very rarely a person. Stuff like the forces at work during the destruction of Numenor (in Rokb.: Numyénaur), in "Akallabeth" in _The Silmarillion_. -Stephen (Steg) "numyenaurkim uhmzu-elyeb, numyenaurkim oolu-sfãs i uhmzu-peiwang ga'eilosm uhmzú; akh báhhihr uzu-ghalub wa'laur uhmsh, i uzu-brodak uhmsh wa'sháíl fa'zanlm i fa'pyetikm i fa'ĝanmeiĉĥarzad." (Numenoreans came, Numenoreans who became selfish and thought that they were gods; but Ocean rose up over them, and traded them to Underworld for murex-shells and pebbles and for glitterings of light.)