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Introducing myself to the list

Thursday, June 22, 2000,16:58BP Jonsson
Thursday, June 22, 2000,4:07Danny Wier
Wednesday, June 21, 2000,15:40dirk elzinga
Wednesday, June 21, 2000,15:34Vasiliy Chernov
Tuesday, June 20, 2000,22:38Nik Taylor
Tuesday, June 20, 2000,22:14Steg Belsky
Tuesday, June 20, 2000,20:28John Cowan
Tuesday, June 20, 2000,19:33Thomas R. Wier
Tuesday, June 20, 2000,19:01dirk elzinga
Monday, June 19, 2000,23:52Nik Taylor
Monday, June 19, 2000,20:06Thomas R. Wier
Monday, June 19, 2000,19:03Roger Mills
Monday, June 19, 2000,17:00Padraic Brown
Monday, June 19, 2000,13:41John Cowan
Monday, June 19, 2000,7:36Christophe Grandsire
Sunday, June 18, 2000,13:36BP Jonsson
Sunday, June 18, 2000,13:32BP Jonsson
Saturday, June 17, 2000,19:41Thomas R. Wier
Saturday, June 17, 2000,18:49Padraic Brown
Saturday, June 17, 2000,18:29Nik Taylor
Saturday, June 17, 2000,18:22Dennis Paul Himes
Saturday, June 17, 2000,16:39Brad Coon
Saturday, June 17, 2000,14:04Dan Jones
Saturday, June 17, 2000,7:10Marcus Smith
Saturday, June 17, 2000,6:59Danny Wier
Saturday, June 17, 2000,6:46Thomas R. Wier
Saturday, June 17, 2000,6:39Thomas R. Wier
Saturday, June 17, 2000,4:18Danny Wier
Saturday, June 17, 2000,3:50Oskar Gudlaugsson
Saturday, June 17, 2000,2:52Nik Taylor
Saturday, June 17, 2000,2:40Danny Wier
Friday, June 16, 2000,22:13Padraic Brown
Friday, June 16, 2000,18:15Fior Avant