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Re: Translation exercise: Li Bai's "Drinking alone under the moon"

From:Pablo David Flores <pablo-flores@...>
Date:Saturday, August 31, 2002, 16:20
andrew <hobbit@...> writes:

> I'm surprised that no one else has attempted this translation.
I did, I did! I just had other things to do first (thankfully no Real Life). Here it is: Poten lis la mouve yifiri pot-en l-is la m-ouve yi-fir-i drink-ACP COM-company no ESS-below GEN-moon-DEF "drinking with no company at below-space of the moon" As you see, demonstratives like |la| "no" go after the noun; Yivokuchi is almost always consistently right branching. There are plenty of "prepositional nouns" like |is| "company" and |ouve| "below-space, place below sthg". Talas geda vai feri talas-0 ged-a vai far-i jug-CON wine-NDF ESS+among flower-DEF "a jug of wine at among-space of flowers" Note the Umlaut |far-| > |feri|, and the abscense of number marking. poten lis la, lisakin la muk pot-en l-is la li-sakin la m-uk drink-ACP COM-company no COM-friend no ESS-near "drinking with no company with no friends at near-space" Draben nag ye, kivake fir bini drab-en nag ye kivak-e fir-0 bin-i raise-ACP cup GEN+1s salute-PRS moon-CON light-DEF "raising my cup I salute the moon of light" Litomom ye wer fika kaide li-tomom ye wer-0 fik-a kai-de COM-shadow GEN+1s group-CON three-NDF 1pX-COP "with my shadow a group of three we are" Bime firi geoy gopotri alde bime fir-i geoy go-pot-r-i al-de although moon-DEF accustomed ALL-drink-ABS-DEF NEG-COP "although the moon accustomed to drinking is not" |bime| is |ime| "but" with a prefix |b-| that is also used to form conditional verb forms. In fact, |ime| could be a fossilized verb form. |pot-r-i| is "drinking (n) + DEFINITE". bime zi tomomi lalube ye seke memederi bime zi tomom-i lalub-e ye seke memeder-i although only shadow-DEF imitate-PRS GEN+1s change each-DEF "although the shadow only copies from me each move" Maur mawo ede litokh yivech maur mawo e-de li-tokh yi-mech around now 1s-COP COM-actuality GEN-P2 "for now I am with the actual-being of them" |tokh| is something like "the empirical essence", "the actual-as-perceived being"; this metaphysical concept has entered the mainstream in this form (|tokh yivech| "the way they are"). From the old verb /dOx/ "manifest". P2 = personal demonstrative, second level of deixis ("that person/those people"). Note the fricative mutation |yi-mech| > |yivech|. Dechet yijhesi mi vewode dechet yi-jas-i mi vewo-de enjoying GEN-spring-DEF when here-COP "enjoying spring when it's here" Nothing strange here; note both fric. mut. and Umlaut in |yijhesi|. Tomom lunena, etetisa efira tomom lun-en-a e-tetis-a fir-a shadow move-ACP-NDF MPH-sway-NDF moon-NDF "a shadow moving, a swaying moon" The eMPHatic mark lets you move an adjective before its noun. socire dafel ye kheod ye socir-e dafel ye kheod ye come_see-PRS dance GEN+1s song GEN+1s "attend my dance, my song" Ebreci fonfon odecheta mis e-brec-i fon=fon o-dechet-a mis MPH-sober-DEF so_far VOL-enjoying-NDF together "sober yet, we rejoice together" |dechet| 'enjoying' becomes VOLitive. ekaiboch meme khai fere e-kaibo-ch meme khai fer-e MPH-drunk-DEF each GEN+1sX leave-PRS "drunk each of us leaves" Duaidri bikamidva telsakin wo duay-dr-i bikamidva telsakin affirm-PUR-DEF forever friendship A1 "to affirm forever this friendship" |du-| (noun->verb); |ay| 'ground'; |duay| 'plant, (fig.) affirm, settle'; the PURposive mark |-dr-| is like Latin -nd- (?) in |delenda| 'to be erased' (?). |bikamidva| has |bik(a)| 'whole, wholly', |mid| 'time', |-va| (adverb derivation). A1 = adj. demonstrative, deixis level 1 ('this') diso kai disib eutau Inci Nuti di-so kai di-sib eu-tau-0 inc-i nut-i IMP-come 1sX IMP-join ESS-beyond-CON road-DEF star-DEF "come we, join at beyond-space of the Star Road" --Pablo Flores


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