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Re: Comparison of philosophical languages

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Friday, January 24, 2003, 11:29
Andrew Nowicki wrote:

> There are only 180 root words in Ygyde, so some > compound words do not describe the ideas well. > Some posters suggested adding more root words. > I do not like that because I believe that additional > root words would not be used often enough to justify > the burden of memorizing more root words. Ygyde means > "simple language." If we multiply root words, we > will have to change the name of this language.
Okay, I'll buy that.
> You can say "ubi Koran." "Ubi" means foreign word.
Fair enough. :)
> It does. Some posters do not like it. Christianity > could be named "religious liquid organization" > or "caring religious organization." Then the Bible > could be named "religious liquid publication" > or "caring religious publication."
As a Christian, of course I think "caring religious ..." is closest to the essence of Christ's teaching, though the same could be said of the Buddha... If you had a word that carried the notion of "messianic" that could be used, but you'd end up with the same problem: Christianity isn't the only faith that posits a Messiah of some kind (look at Zoroastrianism). I'll think about this one; if I come up with anything that might be useful to you I'll let you know. :)
> At present compound Ygyde words are limited to 3 root > words. "religious organization" means religion. Perhaps > we could call small religions and sects "religious group."
Certainly works for me.
> Protestant religion = nadite = "proper noun religious publication organization"
In reference to the Protestant translations of the Bible during the Reformation?
> Lutheran religion = nabyte = "proper noun religious food organization"
I thought that was too funny! Where does "food" come from? I was a Social Ministry Deacon for a while and we were quite involved in hunger relief, but so were the Methodists. :) Another possible interpretation of "food" is that in Lutheran "sub-culture" we tend to joke that we're Lutherans because we have the best fellowship dinners. However, looking over your list of roots, I might would suggest something like "proper noun religious relationship organization" as in Lutheran theology the idea of the relationship is of central importance: to us, a sin is not a "broken rule" or a "broken law" but rather a broken relationship - human or divine; the opposite of a sin is neither a "good deed" nor obedience but in fact a faithful relationship.
> Maybe you can coin a few religious words -- > I certainly know less about modern religions > than you do.
If I think of anything I'll let you know; I need to go through your site a little more. Cheers, Eamon


Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>