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Re: Chinese Dialect Question

From:JR <fuscian@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 30, 2003, 22:43
on 9/30/03 5:20 PM, JS Bangs at jaspax@U.WASHINGTON.EDU wrote:

> In the department I work at, we just got a new grad student from China > named "Quan Zhou". We naturally pronounced the first part of that as > /kwan/, more or less, until he arrived and said something more like > /tSwEn/. This is such a bizarre difference that I had to make a theory > about why. Either (1) "Quan" is just a truly awful Romanization, or (2) > "Quan" is a pretty decent Romanization for Mandarin, but /tSwEn/ is > speaking and pronouncing his name in a different dialect. Can the > Sinologists on the list confirm or deny either hypothesis?
I'm not a sinologist, and I've even forgotten most of my Chinese, but I do know my pinyin (standard romanization for Mandarin) - Quan is the correct way to write the name. The 'q' is an alveo-palatal affricate /ts\/, and after one of those 'uan' is pronounced something like /yEn/ or maybe /HEn/. Hmm ... did I just use an ethical possessive up there? -- Josh Roth "Farewell, farewell to my beloved language, Once English, now a vile orangutanguage." -Ogden Nash


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