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Tutorial--Lesson 1

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 22:18
The Tutorial is comprised of a dozen of lessons that I will post--one per
week--to help shedding some light on the very basics of each conlang. I am
aware that a straight sentence like "I look at the pigeon" may translate in
some conlangs in ten different ways depending on the pigeon's sex, age,
distance or sentient status or on the duration or frequency of such vision
or on whether I'm watching on purpose, through glasses or bare-eye, and that
anyway there are no pigeon on planet WX567. However, I invite each of us to
help other conlangers learning how to fend for themselves in our own
conlang--that is to say: to translate in the most simple possible way
according to the most probable context .

Lesson 1

Let's start from scratch:

Good day!
Good morning to you!
Good morning to you Sir!
Good afternoon to you Lady!
Good night, John!

Welcome to you my friend!
Hello, my friend!
Goodbye, Mum! (Mum is leaving)
Goodbye, Dad! (Dad is staying behind)
How are you, brother/sister?
Very well, thank you, brother/sister!

to be (sb/sth)
what book?
which pen?
this book
that pen
which one?
this one
that (other) one

What is this?
This is a book.
What is that?
That is a pen.


to be not
to do not

Is this a window?
Yes. This is a window.
Is that a table?
No. That is not a table. That is a bed.

he, she, it
this/that person
Who is it?
It is Rob.
Who is she?
She is Ms. Smith.
Is this person Mr. Smith?
Yes. This is Mr. Smith.
Is she Ms. Smith?
No. Ms. Smith is that other person.


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