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Re: Amanda's sentences as translation exercise

Date:Sunday, October 22, 2006, 13:28
seku li sasxsek

> 1. This is my child.
zo ped ju mo. this child of me.
> 2. His name is Peter.
lo nam li pitxr. he be-called {name} Peter.
> 3. I love him.
mo lam lo. I love he.
> 4. The baby cannot speak (yet).
bebek ni lik pud. baby not able speak.
> 5. But he can sit without help.
na lo lik sit nu doba. but he able sit without help+{passive}
> 6. His eyes are blue.
nun ju lo bluv. eye of he blue.
> 7. He desires excessively that I should play with him.
lo hotis mo wan ku lo. he desire+{intensifier} I play with he.
> 8. Holding Baby is so nice!
bebekxten bonis. baby+hold good+{intensifier}. (lit: "baby holding is very good")
> 9. The baby and I went for a walk down the street today.
bebek ka mo mi kin su fut dolu ruto kronu zi din. baby and I before go with foot length+{prep} route time+{prep} this day.
> 10. Although he can take several steps in a row while I hold his hands, I > carried him on our walk.
mo nos lo su kino ju molo na lo lik menimi nutami tred sa mo ten man ju lo. I carry he through trip of I+he but he able several non+stop+{adv} step while I hold hand of he. ------------------------------ deinx nxtxr / Dana Nutter LI SASXSEK LATIS.