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"Language Creation" in your conlang

From:JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Thursday, November 13, 2003, 4:50
Well, I hope I don't distract everybody from the wonderful off-topic
discussions of corpses and Dutch, but I've got a conlangy request to make
of everyone.

I recently registered, where I'm putting up my
own languages and some general conlang-related stuff. I want to replace
the current header image, which is the default included with my
content-management system, with something actually topical to my site. So
I'd like to get a collection of the word or phrase for "language creation"
in a variety of conlangs, so I can combine them into a nice graphic to use
as a header.

So if you'd like to have your conlang included, just mail the list with a
translation of the phrase "language creation", as a compound if possible,
and I'll try to include it. I don't want to image to get over-busy, so I
don't promise that I'll be able to include everything I receive, but I'll
try to get most of them.

Also, if you have a non-Roman script for your language and you want to
mail me a nice GIF of the phrase in the native script, you can do so

I might as well include Yivrian:



Jesse S. Bangs

"We're counting on our virtues,
Cause it's too hard to count the dead."
 - Jason Webley


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