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Fronted back vowels.

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 18:46
I did ask this elsewhere (and got a variety of answers), but I'd like to see 
what you guys have to say. I'm creating a personal con-alphabet (in fact, 
i've got it mostly rendered.. i'm planning to post it later). It's meant to 
represent how I speak. I've got my "normal" speech represented there 
(typical western American accent). I also want to render a way to show the 
"Californian" accent, that I'd posted about a week ago. So, here's my 
dilemma. I'm not exactly sure what the IPA for _fronted_ /o/ and /u/ are. I 
could easily just write down in my notes under the glyphs "fronted", but the 
chart I'm using, I want to use the right IPA symbols when I post them. On 
the ZBB board, people there said that the values for fronted /o/ and /u/ are 
"barred O" (and gave /2/ for the ASCII IPA) and "barred u" (Giving /}/. 
Looking at Don Blahedo's chart, /2/ is "slashed o" not "barred o". 
 So, what exactly *are* the IPA values for fronted /o/ and /u/? Are there 
extremes? What do these vowels typically change to?

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