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Re: Fronted back vowels.

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 21:39
Barry Garcia wrote:

>> This is why I always make conlangs with simple vowel phonolgies, I'm not
good at hearing the differences :).>> Hear hear!!
>> If you listen to the NPR interview here: You should hear examples of the vowels I'm talking about. >> OK, I listened, and she's definitely talking about _diphthongization_ that happens to involve fronting and apparently unrounding of the nuclear vowel-- "move" std. [mu:v], ValleyGirl [mI_Uv] (might be [mY_Uv]??) "goes" std. [go_Uz] VG [gE_Uz] or even [g&_Uz] (I don't detect any rounding of the nucleus here, as I could in "move"-- but OTOH one might expect some _slight_ rounding in anticipation of the off-glide). This indeed is new, as is her cite of "that" lowered to something like [DAt]. Good grief, is it the beginning of another Great Vowel Shift? I wonder-- does this diphthongization only happen with stressed vowels? I think another name for that phenomenon is "breaking", and seems to result from drawing out ("drawling") the stressed vowel. I don't hang around with a lot of teen girls, but even here in Mich. I occasionally overhear what sounds like this VG accent. Of course, as we all know, Calif. is the source of a lot of innovations of all sorts.......:-)))) My 19-year old grand-niece (Florida born and bred) also uses it; she is probably an "alpha-female", or at least thinks she is :-)))). One feature mentioned (lowering of /E/~raising of /&/ merging to a vowel midway between the two-- hmm, maybe that's the vowel in her VG "goes") was noted in NYC speech as long ago as the 60s (though not in the socially dominant/approved dialect).