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Re: Alborgian/ Borgi

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Saturday, May 24, 2008, 7:38
We nar mesih w’oliedo kal n’el abo d’o:
Papá, en heb (en) mesí f’el alm kwir!
Xâft youa basta d’el blêna zaïra deva
En soal-ek: atê-li ‘l denêr-i, o ageos!
L’abo gewab: Joan, enta l’olied’i ‘l char helo
Iella ‘l soal-ek meis fásel l’i
Alês la, papá? la’n kar figa onê ...

"Papá" daddy, "denêr" money, "ageos" goodbye
"Joan" John, "fásel" easy, "figa" stay are from Portuguese.

The emphatic consonants of Arabic are lost, but recognizable
through the following vowel.

Arab: ta tau tai tu  => Alb: t[E] t[2] t[ie] t[y]
Arab: Ta Tau Tai Tu  => Alb: t[a] t[o] t[e] t[u]

t = regular consonant, T = emphatic

So Alborgian is the only Arabic dialect with [y] and [2]! Except for some
Jewish Morrocon Arabic dialects, which with it has many connection.
Note that Algarve Portuguese, which has influenced Alborgian a great deal,
also has [y].

Arab. 'ayn and ghayn also are lost in Alborgian, but influence the following

Arab. 'a  'au  'ai  'u => Alb. a  au  ei  u

Arab. h is lost in Alb., but H is Alb [h]. Arab. kh [x] also is [h] in Alb.

Arab. q is k [k] in Alb., but g [g] in a word initial non stressed syllable.

Arab. sh [S] is usually Alb. s [s], but sometimes preserved. Jewish Moroccon
dialects also know the merger of sh and s.

[wэ nar mэ′si wu′λεðu kał nэ ′laβuðu
pα′pa эn hεb (эm) mэ′si fэ ′lałm kwir
šœft ′jåwα ′baśtα dэł ′blenα zα′irα ′dεvα
эn ′śwalэk α′telił dэ′neri u α′žewś
′laβu žэ′wab žu′wã ′εntα lu′λεðił čar ′hεlu
′jεl:αł ′śwalэk meś fasэl:i
α′leś la pα′pa laŋ kar ′figα u′ne]

South Eastern rural pronunciation (more conservative,
arabic like):

[wэ na:r mэ′si:ђ wэђu′liэd ka:ł nэla′βu:ðu
pa′pa эn ђεb:эm:э′si: fэ ′la:lэm kэ′vi:r
šœft ′jεwa ′basta dэl ′ble:na zэ′εjra ′de:βa
эn su′walэk a′te:li d:э′ne:ri u a′džews
la′βu: džu′wab džu′wan ′εnta lu′liэðil ča:r ′hεlu
′jεl:a s:u′walэk ′mεjsi ′fasэl:i
α:′le:s la pa′pa la:ŋ ga′ðar ′fi:ga une:]

One good day a boy said to his father:
Daddy, I want to go into the wide world!
I've seen enough of our small country now
I ask you: give me my money, and Adieu!
The father answered: John, you are my sweetest son
But your question is not easy for me.
Why not, daddy? I can not stay here ...


Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>