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Re: Alborgian/ Borgi

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Saturday, May 24, 2008, 11:54
On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Ingmar Roerdinkholder
<ingmar.roerdinkholder@...> wrote:
> I forgot to add some examples, so here they come:
For comparison, in Maltese (to the best of my knowledge).
> Alb. têni ['teni], Mor. Arab. taeni = second < Arab. thaani
mt tieni ['tI@ni]
> Alb. diema ['djEma], Mor. Arab. dima = always < Arab. dayman
mt dejjem ['dEj:Em]
> Alb. geûz [Z2z], Mor. Arab. zhuzh = two < Arab. zauj = pair
mt żewġ [zewdZ]
> Alb. y kûn [I'kyn] = he is, Mor. Arab. ykun = he will be < Arab. yakuun
mt ikun [i'ku:n] "he will be"; jkun [-j'ku:n] after a word ending in a vowel
> Alb. y seri [I'sri], Mor. Arab. yeshri = he buys
mt jixtri ['jIStri] (slightly different form, with infixed -t-: form VII?)
> Alb. y ku [I'ku], Mor. Arab. yqul = he says
mt has suppletive jgħid [jEjt] here, though qal [?a:l] "he said" in the past.
> Alb. garib [ga'rib], Mor. Arab. qreb = close, near
mt qarib [?a'ri:p]
> Alb. al [al], Mor. Arab. 'ala = on, at
mt għal [a:l] "for"
> Alb. y'ahu [ja'hu/jau] = he has, Mor. Arab. yakhud = he takes
mt jieħu ['jI@ħu] "he takes"
> Alb. ô = he, oa = he is, Mor. arab. howwa = he (is)
mt hu [u:], huwa ['u:wa] "he (is)"
> Alb. ei = she, ia = she is, Mor. Arab. heyya = she (is)
mt hi [i:], hija ['i:ja] "she (is)"
> Alb. tarab [ta'rab], Mor. Arab. Dreb = he hit > (that is another rule: emphatic D becomes t in Alborgian; like Jewish Mor. Arab)
mt darab ['da:rap]
> Alb. mara ['mara], Mor. Arab. mra = woman
mt mara ['ma:ra]
>>Arab. 'ayn and ghayn also are lost in Alborgian, but influence the following >>vowel. >> >>Arab. 'a 'au 'ai 'u => Alb. a au ei u
cf. mt għa għe għi għo għu [a: e: Ej/aj o: ow/aw]. (għ comes from both `ayn and ghayn, i.e. the two sounds merged, and the merged sound itself was subsequently lost though it still influences the preceding or following vowel. Word-finally, the sound is merged with ħ and h as [ħ].)
>>Arab. h is lost in Alb., but H is Alb [h]. Arab. kh [x] also is [h] in Alb.
ar h -> mt h [0] ([ħ] word-finally); ar H, kh -> mt ħ [ħ]
>>Arab. q is k [k] in Alb., but g [g] in a word initial non stressed syllable.
ar q -> mt q [?]
>>Arab. sh [S] is usually Alb. s [s], but sometimes preserved. Jewish Moroccon >>dialects also know the merger of sh and s.
ar sh -> mt x [S] Cheers, -- Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>