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Vocab #5

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, April 26, 2002, 20:45
   Brought to you by C (for coffee), the distinction between perfective and
habitual past tenses, and intensive adjectives.

   1. coffee / bitter drink / culturally distinctive drink
       I used to drink coffee.

   2. tea / herbal tea
        I drank the tea in one gulp.

   3. steep / brew
       She used to steep the tea for 10 minutes, but she steeped this cup
for only 7 minutes.

   4. pastry / biscuits / cookies
       She had pastry with her coffee once.
       She had pastry with her coffee every day.

   5. milk
       She doesn't take milk in her tea.

   6. bitter
       The coffee was very bitter today.
       The coffee was bitter every day.

   7. sweet
       He likes his tea too strong and too sweet for us.

   8. wired / the feeling obtained after drinking 43 cups of coffee
       That guy is wired! He drinks too much coffee.

   9. mellow / calm / soothing (of music)
        The music they play is too mellow for my taste.

   10. street vendor / coffee house / tea bar / the culturally appropriate
place to buy a cup of tea or coffee
        That street vendor always had the best tea, but then his wife left him.

   (note: in #10, it's a habitual past followed by a perfective)

   [p.s. In honor of my becoming the manager of the grad student coffee
house on campus. Yay!]



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