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TRANS: Fw: names of ants

Monday, May 8, 2000,21:51taliesin the storyteller
Wednesday, May 3, 2000,23:54Jesse S. Bangs
Wednesday, May 3, 2000,19:52Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC)
Wednesday, May 3, 2000,17:45Ed Heil
Wednesday, May 3, 2000,14:49Matt Pearson
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,19:03Dennis Paul Himes
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,18:00Irina Rempt
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,14:04Dan Sulani
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,9:40Dan Sulani
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,8:46James Campbell
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,8:08andrew
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,2:27Herman Miller
Tuesday, May 2, 2000,1:47DOUGLAS KOLLER
Monday, May 1, 2000,20:32John Cowan
Monday, May 1, 2000,20:25Doug Ball
Monday, May 1, 2000,17:20Raymond Brown
Monday, May 1, 2000,16:06Steg Belsky
Monday, May 1, 2000,14:21Dan Sulani
Monday, May 1, 2000,6:43Irina Rempt
Monday, May 1, 2000,5:19Carlos Thompson