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CHAT: Steg's wonderful .sig (and a question)

Friday, November 12, 1999,0:21Thomas R. Wier
Thursday, November 11, 1999,20:54Boudewijn Rempt
Thursday, November 11, 1999,19:05Thomas R. Wier
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,22:58Nik Taylor
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,22:21Thomas R. Wier
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,21:26Thomas R. Wier
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,20:00John Cowan
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,18:49Boudewijn Rempt
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,9:53Grandsire, C.A.
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,9:51Grandsire, C.A.
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,8:21Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,2:31Sally Caves
Wednesday, November 10, 1999,2:29Sally Caves
Tuesday, November 9, 1999,9:28Dan Sulani
Tuesday, November 9, 1999,7:37Grandsire, C.A.
Monday, November 8, 1999,17:08FFlores
Monday, November 8, 1999,14:50Grandsire, C.A.
Monday, November 8, 1999,14:43Grandsire, C.A.
Sunday, November 7, 1999,8:55Irina Rempt-Drijfhout
Saturday, November 6, 1999,23:37L. Gerholz
Saturday, November 6, 1999,9:59Fabian
Saturday, November 6, 1999,7:26Boudewijn Rempt
Friday, November 5, 1999,20:56Boudewijn Rempt
Saturday, November 6, 1999,3:19Barry Garcia
Saturday, November 6, 1999,1:59L. Gerholz
Saturday, November 6, 1999,1:25L. Gerholz
Saturday, November 6, 1999,0:00FFlores
Saturday, November 6, 1999,0:43L. Gerholz
Saturday, November 6, 1999,0:09taliesin the storyteller
Friday, November 5, 1999,22:45Daniel Andreasson
Friday, November 5, 1999,20:15taliesin the storyteller
Friday, November 5, 1999,19:44Boudewijn Rempt
Friday, November 5, 1999,16:54Brook Conner
Friday, November 5, 1999,13:33Daniel Andreasson
Friday, November 5, 1999,13:32Daniel Andreasson
Friday, November 5, 1999,7:06Boudewijn Rempt
Friday, November 5, 1999,5:39Kristian Jensen
Friday, November 5, 1999,4:42J. Barefoot
Friday, November 5, 1999,3:28Charles
Friday, November 5, 1999,3:15Barry Garcia
Friday, November 5, 1999,1:33Padraic Brown
Friday, November 5, 1999,1:21nicole perrin
Thursday, November 4, 1999,21:30Thomas R. Wier
Thursday, November 4, 1999,18:45Steg Belsky
Thursday, November 4, 1999,0:47Jay Bowks
Thursday, November 4, 1999,8:24iisem :P
Thursday, November 4, 1999,6:51Boudewijn Rempt
Thursday, November 4, 1999,6:10Larry Schelin
Thursday, November 4, 1999,6:02Barry Garcia
Thursday, November 4, 1999,5:41Steg Belsky
Thursday, November 4, 1999,4:47Daniel Seriff