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Weekly vocab #3

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Saturday, April 13, 2002, 1:55
Brought to you by D (for doctor) and possessive pronouns.


   1. doctor / healer
   2. medicine
   3. ear
   4. eye
   5. friend
   6. itch and/or scratch
   7. hurt / pain (the verb ... or not)
   8. diagnosis
   9. cure / heal
   10. ill


   1. She is my doctor.
   2. _That_ is _my_ medicine, and _this_ is yours.
   3. She looked in their ears.
   4. She looked in (or tested, or..) her (someone else's) eye.
   5. Our friends are ill.
   6. His scratch (the one on him) is worse than his scratch (the one he
caused on someone else unspecified).
   7. Do y'all's heads hurt? / Do you guys have headaches?
   8. His diagnosis (that he gave) is that she will get better.
   9. His diagnosis (for the disease he has) has a cure.
   9a. She will cure my friends.
   10. I am not ill anymore.


   considerable room for playing around with semantics here. I've
highlighted issues of inalienable or alienable possession, so that those
who have such concepts in their langs can show it off. Also, 9a is an
alternate, depending on which semantic range you go for with cure.

   Have fun! I hope to put Taalennin up this time, but don't hold your
breath (coming up on the end of the term - major studying...)



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